iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: New Shoes by Paolo Nutini
Paolo Nutini comes from an Italian family - but one that has lived in Scotland for generations. He's fresh from his teenage years and he's got a voice that channels Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Chris Martin, and well, whomever you happen to like. Let's just say he's got an amazing voice. "New Shoes" is an uptempo, ridiculously catchy folk-pop track that we'll also call Single of the Week.

US: Kiss Me by Robbie Williams
"Kiss Me" was originally a pop hit for Tin Tin in 1985. Tin Tin was actually the work of Stephen Duffy, who was one of the founding members of Duran Duran. Duffy then formed the group the Lilac Time, who created a few albums of Nick Drake-inspired folk pop. Currently, Duffy has been co-writing songs with Robbie Williams, no doubt inspiring this choice cover taken from Williams' newest album, Rudebox. Get the track now on iTunes, consider it a free preview of Robbie Williams' new album and a pop history lesson all in one.

US: Tenacious D - The Free Preview
The time draws near when the titans of rock give rise to an album destined to occupy its place in the center of the sonic solar system. The album that is tenacious D's The Pick of Destiny.

US: Breaking Bonaduce/Danny Had an Affair
[Make sure to check your price on this. It keeps going between Free and $1.99.] On the verge of moving out of his home and possibly leaving his wife, Danny realizes that he has a great life...worth keeping...but the small thing that's missing is just so important. Dr. Garry tries to get through to him one last time that Gretchen is not the woman Danny wants her to be. Still unconvinced, Danny has high hopes for his Father's Day present. But true to form, Gretchen botches the romantic element again. After a bout of anger, Danny finally realizes that Gretchen can't speak his language, and he can't ask her to. Will they now live happily ever after?.

Australia: Pressure Pressure by Mink
With all of the mention of bombs, grenades, and guns on Mink's incendiary track, "Pressure Pressure", the group tap into a primal fear - explosions. The track itself is full of all sorts of tension, and the listener is hardly given a reprieve when the chorus comes. It's a hard rock chestnut charged with punk rock energy. It's also our Single of the Week.

Canada: Boy Soprano by Xiu Xiu
The Bay Area experimental indie rock outfit known as Xiu Xiu (pronounced "shoo shoo") are led by Jamie Stewart. It's Stewart who pens all of the lyrics and melodies that run underneath this group's often cacophonous, yet sweetly melancholic songs. Informed by punk, avant-electronics, random noise, and post-punk, Xiu Xiu are one of the most compelling and fascinating groups around. The track "Boy Soprano" from the recent album, The Air Force is our free Single of the Week.

UK: Dig a Hole by The Ailerons
The Ailerons are the new outfit featuring Blur's Dave Rowntree. He again steps behind the drum kit on his new outing, but it's the jangling immediacy of "Dig A Hole" that hits you directly. Singer Charity Hair is the other main draw with her assured, forthright vocal style while the band works out a backing track that's one part acoustic sing-along and two parts mid-'90s indie freak-out.

France: Earth Body Air by Supersystem
On ne pourra pas dire qu'on sait vraiment ce qui s'est passé dans la tête de Supersystem sur ce titre, mais en tout cas, on adore. On va dire que le groupe aime autant le punk rock et l'électro... Un splendide mélange de beats façonnés et découpés au millimètre, de synthés bien lourds et de paroles sautillantes et... étonnantes. Nous sommes fiers d'en faire notre Single gratuit de la semaine sur iTunes.