iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: True Affection by The Blow
The minimal electro-pop duo known as the Blow is made up of Jona Bechtolt and Khaela Maricich. They use their spare arrangements to explore the beats and patterns of the most effective, immediate forms of pop music: be it doo-wop or hip-hop. Our free Single of the Week, "True Affection," is the sweet closing track on their debut, Paper Television

US: Always Something Better (Trentemøller Remix) [Bonus Track] by Trentemøller
[For, apparently, the second week running...] Copenhagen's Trentemøller creates dark, minimal house music that is as heavy on thought as it is on creating the bone-shaking polyrhythms. Our Discovery Download track this week is "Always Something Better" - a track which originates somewhere on a cold isolated dance floor, but by the end, has turned into a more organic, cathartic experience.

US: Rob & Big Episode 101
In this reality buddy comedy, professional street skater Rob Dyrdek and his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, share a house in the Hollywood Hills, bouncing from one ridiculous moment to the next. Along with their mischievous little Bulldog, "Meaty," the unlikely trio make the world their playground and hit the streets on a constant quest for adventure and laughs.

Australia: Dress Like Gods by The Inches
[No description.]

Canada: West Van Girl by The Awkward Stage
The Awkward Stage is the name taken by Vancouver's Shane Nelken. A friend and cohort of the New Pornographers, Nelken has made a name for himself as the go-to man when you need a healthy dose of melody and inspiration. Our free Single of the Week comes from his solo album, Heaven is for Easy Girls, and is a grand, epic piano number that comes across like Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" for the indie rock set. Believe it.

UK: Blue (with Tina Dico) by Euphoria
Euphoria is the brainchild of composer Ken Ramm, who draws his influences from disparate genres, many of which you'll find on our free Single of the Week, "Blue". Touches of slide guitar and Eastern percussion fuse with a serene electronic backdrop while Tina Dico's guest vocals spill out a wandering, searching melody. Mood music for nights with endless possibilities.

France: Marche ou crève by Pierre Guimard
Avec De l'autre côté, Pierre Guimard offre un disque frais, émouvant et endiablé, qui ne cesse de construire des ponts entre la musique anglo-saxonne et une sensibilité à la française pour l’attitude et les textes. Rares sont ceux qui s’y essayent avec tant de bonheur et de légèreté. « Marche ou crève » est notre Single de la semaine sur iTunes.