iTunes movie-watching controller tip

by Robert Daeley

Cool tip discovered just now whilst watching a video podcast in iTunes.


2007-03-12 16:03:16
I never knew that, so thanks for sharing :)
2007-03-12 17:57:00
If you watch a lot of video podcasts, as I do, I'd be surprised if you never stumbled onto that sooner. It's almost too easy in some instances to accidentally move it, but then again, perhaps you have greater trackpad/mouse accuracy than I do. Also, that overlay is something that seems to be coming in Leopard's DVD Player app, so get used to it:)
2007-03-12 18:18:30
See, Macam, that's probably it -- I've only just been paying attention to video podcasts recently. Ah, well -- at least Paul and I have been newly informed. :D
2007-03-12 21:11:22
Thanks for the info. It was new to me as well. It would have been pretty hard for me to find by accident and I guess because of the way it fades on and off when you mouse over I never thought it would function as a distinct object that I could move. Very cool though.

And I hope it is going to be part of the new DVD player because I can't stand how long the current one stays on the screen.


Simon Hibbs
2007-03-13 04:20:48
VLC has the same feature. It's floating control bar looks very similar to the Quicktime/iTunes one, and with VLCs new support for the apple remote it's become my video file player of choice.
2008-05-06 01:30:11
Is there a way to turn off that overlay controller in windows itunes?