iTunes Music Store debuts first full-length Feature Video

by Erica Sadun

Disney's High School Musical is perhaps best known for how well its soundtrack sold and where many of the sales came from--the iTunes Music Store. Quoting IndyStar:

Since its Jan. 20 premiere on the Disney Channel, the movie and its four reruns have attracted more than 24 million viewers, Disney said, and the soundtrack, on Walt Disney Records, has raised eyebrows in the music industry for an unusual double play: reaching the Top 10 on the Billboard album chart with virtually no radio support, and making a remarkable 45 percent of its sales online, through Apple's iTunes Music Store..."Surprised? No," said Gary Marsh, the president for entertainment of Disney Channel Worldwide. "Thrilled? Absolutely."

So it's equally unsurprising that High School Musical has become the store's first full-length video for sale. Priced at just $1.99, Apple and Disney may see it more as a long TV show than a movie feature. Its release was cheered a lot of teens and tweens. One wrote:

"i stayed up till 12 am to finally buy it !!!!!!!!! YAY!!! imma watch it right now, it is now 12:04!!!!!!!!"

(I may have skipped a few exclamation points while transcribing this. Please forgive me if the counts are not quite accurate.) Sites like ThinkSecret report that Apple has been wooing Movie Industry partners to offer movies-on-demand.


2006-03-15 11:13:36
The price is now at $10