iTunes Music Store: Free Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

  • US: Out Here All Night by Damone
    Yes, they're named after a character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Yes, they play rock music that people ought to listen to while they spin their car around in circles in the parking lot. Somewhere between Weezer's melodic wizardry and Judas Priest's relentless riffage - therein lies our free Single of the Week, "Out Here All Night."

  • US: The Apprentice Clip Show by "The Hair"
    Seventeen are told, "You're fired!" Only one hears business tycoon Donald Trump say, "You're hired." At stake is a career-altering job of a lifetime with the Trump Organization and a hefty six-figure salary. This latest competition is a uniquely international affair, with candidates hailing from the former U.S.S.R., England, and Canada. The Donald's trusted advisors, George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher, are back, with the original "Apprentice" Bill Rancic filling in as well. And for the first time, Trump's daughter Ivanka and eldest son Donald Jr. appear in multiple episodes. Among the diverse group of candidates are a psychotherapist, an appellate attorney, a Mensa member, and even a sticker company owner. Ingeniously challenging tasks have been devised featuring some of the biggest companies in the world. Plus, the boardroom showdowns and weekly rewards are the very best yet, with a wealth of twists, turns, and unexpected surprises along the way.

  • iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast
    Your guided tour through the best new music iTunes has to offer. From brand new releases, exclusives, pre-releases, Originals and catalog albums just added.

  • Japan: Me, Me, Me by Dr Love vs Tense
    Alternative. Radio version.

  • Australia: Ave Maria by Alfio
    What sounds like synthesizers. And no product description.

  • Canada: Tomorrow Starts Today by Mobile
    Don't try to figure out the logistics of the phrase--you'll get stuck in a vortex for days. However--if you enjoy this title track from Mobile's debut album, life is likely to get better within minutes. Marked by a propulsive drum kick, whirlwind energy and glittery melodies.

  • UK: Where to Start by Elin Sigvardsson
    Sweden--home to lutefisk, Ingmar Bergman, lutefisk, lutefisk, lutefisk and singer/songwriter Elin Ruth. Her strong vocals come to the forefront of this song, a tough mixture of country, folk and rock.

  • France: She's Coming Over by Fugu
    I have no idea what the French store says about this album. Here's what I googled up from "I have to give a shout-out to the French iTunes store, otherwise I might never have known that Fugu had put out another record. Was quite a fan of that debut record. This one has some of that innate pure pop Brian Wilson attraction, but this one gets more into power pop territory. One of the Tahiti 80 guys and a resident Stereolabber worked on the record, so you can probably guess how shiny and nice it sounds. This dreamy little bit of post-Beatles 70s pop sounds pretty nice from my carpeted confines."

UPDATE: The Japanese Single of the Week just got updated to control freak! by Hanson.


2006-04-19 19:28:27
Car spinning 80's style is referred to as "doing doughnuts"...