iTunes Music Store pulls movie, reprices and reposts it

by Erica Sadun

Yesterday, I posted about the first iTunes Music Store full-length video, priced at a very reasonable $1.99. By yesterday evening, the video was gone. The item was no longer for sale in the US iTunes Music Store. By this morning it was back, this time priced at $9.99.

Pricing mistake? Probably was. But the new price point seems steep, particularly for a free-to-cable show that's going to air again on March 23rd. I think somewhere in the $3.99-$5.99 range might have been more reasonable, particularly if you go with a "one hour of TV equals about $1.99" formula. Ten bucks is about what I'd expect to pay for this at Walmart discounted from, say, $14.99 for a much higher-quality DVD version. For a low-resolution iPod-specific edition? I think they set the price a little high.

What do you think? Is ten bucks the right price point for TV feature movies? What about for more traditional Hollywood fare? How much would you pay for The Incredibles? Or Crash?


2006-03-15 08:26:59
I to feel that 9.99 is way too much. I think a made for TV movie should go for about 3.99 while feature films should go for about 5.99. Also, having seen the movie, I would not have even paid the 1.99 they were originally asking for it.
Pierre-Loïc Raynaud
2006-03-15 08:34:47
9.99 is a lot of money. In France, my ISP "" offers VOD for TV at 1.99euros for a movie. You can watch it as more as wanted during 24H. And I'd rather find this appropriate : I won't watch a movie over again days after days. I don't mind paying another 1.99 if I want to watch the same movie six month later.
Scott Papenfuss
2006-03-15 08:48:04
Let the market decide. In this case, they should be able to compare sales at the two price points. It's still early on in this, but you can be sure that the studios and Apple will price content at a level they feel will make the most money (that whole supply/demand concept).
Brady J. Frey
2006-03-15 09:14:04
Ten bucks is too much for me -- not that I was going to buy that film anyhow, but low res files at ten bucks is a disappointment -- especially now that my mini can output much higher quality files. I'd say around 5 is reasonable for this quality -- if they have a higher res download, then I'm happy to fork over more money and download all day.
2006-03-15 09:23:56
"How much would you pay for The Incredibles? Or Crash?"

I wait for them to come on satellite, or if it's really something I want to watch I go to the cinema. I don't understand all the hype to watch poorly compressed films on a piddly screen with poor sound. Maybe one day it will get better I'm sure it will, but atm it's simply not worth it. Even on a mac with a 20" screen or perhaps I should say 'especially' on a 20" screen. But I don't keep my computer in the living room. Maybe I should ? Music is one thing, video is just not making the grade atm, imho.

2006-03-15 09:55:09
WAY too much! $3 for made-for-tv, $5 for theater-released movies. I still would need to burn them to a self-supplied DVD to play them on the home TV. By the way, Amazon is selling Lost Season 1 (25 episodes) for $39, available on iTMS for $35. Still too much for me; I'd pay $25.
2006-03-15 10:33:46
$9.99 is way overpriced for a subquality movie that you have to download yourself. I can buy the DVD for under $20, why would I pay half that for something that is no where near DVD quality, and that I have to burn on separately purchased media myself just to view on any normal player?
2006-03-15 13:01:42
You can go through a bunch of DVDs per month using Netflix for $9.99, so I don't see the deal here. Especially since the image quality of iTMS videos are awful.
2006-03-15 20:16:11
No way this is worth $10. I would think if this is going to work it has to have a good price point entry. So far, it is hard to argue with what Apple has done in the last 5 years, but at some point they are going to hit a snag. I look forward to Apple/Disney coming out with all the old animated videos on iTunes. I see kids really being the customer here, but of course the parents will be the ones with the purse. The price point for this has to be around $5 or less for this to be a good bargain for parents. Look for all the new video systems for cars and mini vans in the next few months for the video iPod. Just hook up and watch.

2006-03-15 22:59:18
what's TV?