iTunesLove - Digg for iTunes

by Steve Mallett

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Bored over the holidays, and somewhat disappointed at user generated suggestions within iTunes I spent the day building digg for iTunes:

I just finished, but it looks to be in working condition... submit some of your newly found gems and favorites! Three of my newly found favorites are in the submission queue waiting for you to discover.



2005-12-30 10:04:26
This is cool, Steve. It's too bad that I don't buy anything from the iTMS because it's DRM encumbered - and I personally don't believe in supporting DRM.

It would be very cool if this idea could be expanded to cover other online labels that provide their music for sale in non-DRM encumbered formats.

Or can it do that already? Can I add a story on your site with a link to something besides iTMS?


2005-12-30 10:07:47
DRM: yeah that sucks.

Other stores: Sure, but... the idea is that I don't want any hassles from the RIAA & would rather let Mr. Jobs deal with them.