I've Held Off on iPhoto 5.0.4 - Have You?

by Derrick Story

The thing is, I don't rotate my vertical images in-camera; I rotate my camera instead. That way I have a much bigger picture to view on an already too small LCD screen.

So when Apple announced they had a new version of iPhoto 5 to download that fixed this problem, I went back to editing Mac DevCenter articles. I didn't really see the need to download a 41MB file to correct a problem that didn't affect me. Plus, there's always the risk of introducing new troubles that I don't currently have.

For example, one contributor on MacFixIt wrote that the color correction problem came back with the update. (MacFixIt commented that he could correct the problem by rebuilding his library -- OPT-CMD on application start up.) I doubt that the color correction problem reoccurs for most users, but it's precisely the thing I dread with non-essential updates.

So my question to you is: Have you updated to iPhoto 5.0.4? And if so, how is it going?

To update or not to update?


2005-07-28 20:52:29
Same thoughts
iPhoto is finally working correctly and my camera doesn't rotate anyway, so I haven't bothered to update yet either. I will, but I think I'll be sure to have a working backup this time.

(the color bug returns? Oh I so hope that report is wrong...)

2005-07-28 22:29:34
Missing the point
You mention that you "rotate your camera" instead of the images. However, note that a lot of cameras have orientation sensors and they know when they are tilted in a particular direction, and rotate the image in-camera accordingly on their own. I had a ton of crashes (and spent time on the phone with Apple about it). After the 5.0.4 update all was well.

People who don't have auto-rotated images may, of course, have no reason to bother updating.

2005-07-29 04:28:28
Missing the point

I updated and the problem I saw with rotated (by my Digital Rebel, not me) pictures was that Iphoto wouldn't display their thumbnail completely correctly. I didn't notice that problem anymore last night. I did notice that Iphoto still has trouble updating thumbnails after cropping this morning.

2005-07-29 07:20:46
RE: Missing the point
For the first poster... I believe that whether or not a camera rotates vertical images can be controlled by a menu setting... For me, they're too small as verticals on my camera's LCD. So I don't rotate them in-camera. Once they're uploaded to iPhoto, I CMD-click all the verticals and rotate them at once.

I'm not advocating this approach, just commenting on why the iPhoto 5.0.4 update isn't really necessary for me :)

Concerning mbrewer's comment, thanks for the info about cropped thumbnails.

2005-08-02 16:01:21
Still having problems
iPhoto does strange things with rotation for me and the 5.0.4 update hasn't helped.

I understand what you're saying about "rotating the camera" instead of the image... I only rotate the image in-camera when I want to use the camera to show slide-shows using its TV-out; it's a little hard to rotate the TV after all! :-)

I haven't quite figured it out, but the photos I'm trying to import seem OK initially; they get imported fine but still without any rotation. I can control click and rotate the photos that need it, but then after a few minutes the orientation of the pixels changes, but not the aspect ratio!

Perhaps it's something to do with the Sony DSC-V1 doing non-standard stuff to the photo, but this is very strange behaviour...

Perhaps it's something to do with the Ken Burns effect... if I play a slide-show starting from one of the rotated images the first image is OK but any subsequent images are squished sideways...

2005-08-08 17:30:48
I Had the bug occasionally.
I have a 20D and if I imported RAW files into it sometimes they'd roatate in the thumbnail but not in the export and other odd things, so I updated.

No issues at the moment. I mainly use it for simple management and to order photos online.