iWork's little extra

by Giles Turnbull

I've spent the last couple of days messing around with iWork 06, getting to know the new features and writing an article about them at the same time, and I noticed an interesting little something.

One of the nicest new features in iWork is the ability to do the same kind of image editing within Pages and Keynote that you can do in iPhoto, using the Image Adjust panel we've grown accustomed to.

But there's something funny about the Adjust panel in iWork 06. It's not the same as iPhoto's.


2006-01-30 22:22:13
iWeb has this as well...iWeb isn't very useful, but hey, you can at least edit photos within the app.
2006-01-30 22:27:15
Ah, interesting; I was wondering if it might turn up elsewhere.
Kevin Ross
2006-01-30 23:10:21
We already have this feature in iphoto it is just in another location. I think the enhance button does the same thing.
2006-01-30 23:36:42
Yes, it's already in another location; and that's the point. My interest was sparked by the *new* location for it in iWork. The point I'm making is: does the Auto Levels button work better in the Adjust panel (my feeling is yes), or as an "Enhance" button in iPhoto?
2006-01-31 08:09:00
Well, iPhoto HAS the Auto-level feature, it's the Magic wand button on the toolbar...
2006-01-31 08:19:47
Yes I know! Same feature, *different* user interface element! It's the element I'm commenting on, not the feature.