J# Reviewed

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://www.infoworld.com/articles/tc/xml/01/11/05/011105tcjsharp.xml

"Our experience with the J# beta was mostly positive, allowing for its narrowly defined mission and limitations. It gets high marks for VJ++ migration, and the final release will likely render effortless transplanting even large VJ++ projects to the .NET platform. Although we think it's important to point out that J# adheres to an ancient cut of the JDK, we doubt that will matter much to most J# users. As for J#'s future as a .NET language, we'll wait and see. For .Net development, J#'s primary audience is hard-core Java coders who must target .NET, but who would rather live with J#'s limitations than switch to the more expressive and accommodating C#. But, despite our fondness for Java, nothing in this beta sways us from our preference for C# for .NET applications." -- InfoWorld

What are your thoughts and experiences with J#?