Jaguar for $79 -- You Bet!

by Derrick Story

Those of us who've had beta Jaguar for the last few months know what a tremendous job Apple has done with the latest incarnation of its Unix-based OS. So much so that most developers I talk to are willing to pony up the $129 asking price for the upgrade.

This is remarkable in light of the fact that developers don't like to pay for anything that is downloadable or comes on a CD. But quite honestly, Jaguar (code name for Mac OS X 10.2) is that good.

Thanks to a deal between and Apple, all of us can get Jaguar for $79. All you have to do is order from Amazon by Sept. 3, 2002, download the $50 rebate coupon, and have it postmarked no later than Oct. 3. It will take a few weeks to get your $50, but that's a nice chunk of change to show up in your mailbox.

And by the time you get your check, you will be so hooked on 10.2 that you might decide to take that rebate and get yourself a Bluetooth module or some other goodie to extend the pleasure of Mac computing.

Of course beer and pizza are nice choices too ...


2002-07-29 23:51:33
Only if you are in the US
The terms of the promo are not aplicables to other countries ( Europe in my case ) :(
2002-07-30 09:39:35
Great tip... thanks
I know everyone would like to get everything for free, but nothing is free in this world. There are always strings attached to freebies. There are many situations where charging for something is improper, or downright ludicrous. But Apple charging for a major upgrade like MacOS X 10.2 the cost is justified. So get over it!

Thanks to this O'Reilly dude I will pay $79 instead of $129.

2002-07-30 11:21:56
Apple disses the rest of the world
Not only does Amazon in Europe not have the discount price on Jaguar, but Apple hasn't read the papers recently and charges (at least here in France) what is more like $150 for the OSX upgrade! It hasn't noticed that the Euro has been actually stronger than the dollar recently.

Also, Apple regularly publishes the fact that almost half of its yearly hw sales are international - outside the US. So why does it treat its international supporters so shabbily? Are we expected to provide its profits while all the incentives go to the people across the Pond?

2002-07-31 08:46:57
Apple disses the rest of the world
re: price
you have to exclude the VAT in europe, to get the right comparison: so it's 149US$ (16% VAT) vs. 161EUR (16% VAT). sounds already better!?

still a significant difference.

it generally stinks that most US-company don't give european same promotion-offers like the US. adobe offered e.g. some bundeles that never could be bought in europe.

2002-07-31 20:23:59
Too bad the link to the coupon is gone. My order also says OS X 10.2 "...this product is unavailable or discontinued.." I hope this is just a glitch...