by Erica Sadun

Jajah.com provides Internet telephony that uses standard landlines. You enter your phone number into the [#1] field on the Jajah homepage and your party's number into the [#2] field. Click [#3] Call. Jajah connects to the first number, then to the second, and then connects the two together.

You do not need an account to test out this service. You do not need to enter your own number into the "My Phone Number" field. Jajah will connect any two parties you specify. And you can clear cookies to remove the "remembered" number.

It's April 1st. And this being O'Reilly, I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest. Just lay off the poor pizza delivery services and adult bookstores. They have a hard enough time today.


2007-04-01 19:16:01
For mac users there's a Jajah Dashboard available here:


2007-04-02 08:14:10
If it is free then why are there per minute prices listed on the site? I see something about free jajah to jajah calls. How does it charge you if you are not a jajah member?


Erica Sadun
2007-04-02 08:18:07
Not all calls are free and you're using the trial feature. Check out their FAQ