Jajah - Whatja?

by James Gaskin

Lots of buzz about a new service called Jajah riding the VoIP PR wave. They offer a way for people without a broadband connection to use VoIP, which is clever. You go to their Web site, put in your phone number, the number you want to call, and both ring and you can talk while paying "sensationally low rates." However, the rates aren't listed anywhere until you plug in both numbers, with international area codes. When found, the rates seem good, but I'm not sure if they're worth the hassle over a good discount phone card.

Anybody using this and thrilled? Let us know.



Gorn Dog
2006-04-03 21:20:58
Well, about 2,800 people thought one use for this service (making prank calls) was neat enough to digg it.

Serious uses though ....
- Nextel -- free incoming calls = free "outbound" as well now using Jajah.
- At work my phone requiers a pin# to dial long distance, but will let me answer incoming Jajah.com calls.

Luca Filigheddu
2006-04-04 03:34:43
Here are my comments... I'm not thrilled at all..
2006-07-18 05:12:33

We have developed a Desktop phone buddy for Jajah, which will take the currently selected number in a windows application and dial the number using a hot key, plus redial and quick dial functionality.

Great in a business environment, like ours...

Download at www.jajahphonebuddy.com

please try out and give us feedback....

2006-09-13 17:49:51
It is now also available on my BlackBerry: