James Gosling: J2EE has it all over .NET...

by Steve Anglin

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Posted by TheServerSide.com's Floyd Marinescu:

"'J2EE has it all over .NET,' said James Gosling at a panel yesterday at the SD East 2002 conference. 'It's more feature-complete, more mature, and what .NET has going for it is a marketing budget only God can dream of. .Net is a product from a company. J2EE is a market.' .NET platform support and the 'embrace and extend' strategy were also debated in a panel at Comdex 2002."

What do you think of James Gosling's charge?


2002-11-27 04:48:14
missing the point
It was very interesting to read the accompanying flamefests, but as a Java developer I wouldn't recommend wasting time attacking .Net. Suffice to say it is Microsoft's competing component architecture; make your own choices, and be done with it. The learning curve for either is the same basic arc.

A fool with a tool is still a fool. The most telling point is that not a single person responded to Gosling's primary attack: the fundamental insecurity in the CLR memory model.

2002-12-09 16:04:03
He needs medical help
The man is in some serious denial or really this mentally sick. This kind of sniping is just bad for him, Sun and the whole community. Internal memos inside Sun show they feel quite the opposite. Java had a superior product in 1996. Since then there hasn't been much of innovation and instead a whole lot of whining. If he doesn't get off his behind and fix many of the problems within Java, and continue to innovate, I fear all may be lost....