January 14 Meeting of the Emerging Technology SIG

by William Grosso

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The January 14 Meeting of the Emerging Technology SIG will
feature a talk by Chris Thomas, Chief E-Strategist of Intel.
Chris will be speaking about the current state of the enterprise software industry (from Intel's point of view) and the trends that Intel thinks are important over the next 2 to 4 years."

Please note that it will be held in room H-1 of the Cubberley Community Center, in Mountain View. Cubberley H-1 is a much larger and nicer room than the one we were using at the Mountain View Community Center. We'll be meeting at Cubberley H-1 from now on.

More details, and the full abstract of the are available here.

We'll also be raffling off three copies of O'Reilly and
Associates's "Designing Embedded Hardware" and a single
copy of Steven Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science."

We're currently planning something like:

     7:00 Pizza, networking, and small-talk

     7:20 Chris begins speaking

As always, events are free to SDForum members and $15 to everyone else.

Hope to see you there,

William Grosso

Co-chair, Emerging Technology SIG

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