Java and .NET Interop Track at JavaOne 2005

by David A. Chappell

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On Wednesday, 06/29/2005, JavaOne will be holding an all-day Java and .NET Interoperability Track at JavaOne 2005.

Click here for a link to a special home page for this track at JavaOne this year.

The session range from low level web services interface and protocol discussions to higher level ESB and Security issues. Esteemed speakers from Sun, Sonic, Oracle, Microsoft, and The Burton Group include yours truly, Doug Purdy, Marina Fisher, Anne Thomas Manes, Mark Hapner, Andrew Layman, “Rags” Srinivas, and many more. Most or all of these are being held in Yuerba Buena, so come on over and enjoy a session or two (or three).

Here is a list of the sessions in the track –

9:45am TS-3552 Java. Technology and .NET Interoperability Using WS-* Web Services Architecture (Yerba Buena)

11:00am TS-3550 Achieving Real Interoperability Between J2EE. and .NET: Web Services Practical Advice for Developers (Yerba Buena)

12:15pm TS-3554 Mind the Gap: Using an ESB for Interoperability Between Java. Technology, .NET and .Other. in an SOA (Yerba Buena)

1:30pm TS-3556 Multiple Platforms, Single Identity: Interoperable identity (Yerba Buena)

2:45pm TS-9866 Advanced Web Services Interoperability (Yerba Buena)

4:00pm TS-3553 Java. and .NET: Interoperability Challenges and Rewards (Yerba Buena)

7:30pm BOF-9095 On the Couch With Sun and Microsoft (Hall E #134)

8:30pm BOF-9911 Practical Interoperability Between J2EE. and .NET with Document-Driven Web Services (Hall E #134)

To learn more about each session view the Session Catalog



2005-06-28 06:47:06
Are you related to...?
Just kidding. I have been doing .NET / java interop for 2 years now and its been up and down...

Recently started using and the standard JDK support for CORBA and I have been pleased.

2005-07-04 14:45:32
Hmm.. Funny you mention Corba and

J-Integra ( has just released a new product for RMI/IIOP/Corba <-> .NET.

Seems really fast - much faster than IIOP.Net (in my experience)