Java Business Integration, a.k.a. JSR-208 to be featured at JavaOne this coming week.

by David A. Chappell

Java Business Integration, a.k.a. JSR-208
to be featured at JavaOne this coming week.

I’m really excited that JBI (JSR-208)
will be getting some air time at JavaOne this week.  We on the expert group have
been working hard at it for the past year.  I’m very happy with the progress
that’s being made.  We plan to have a draft spec available in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, there are 4 talks on
JBI that are happening this week (listed shortly).  But first, here are some high level points to describe JBI

  • The Java Business Integration (JBI) initiative (a.k.a.
    JSR-208) is an effort within the Java Community Process to define a
    specification describing the way that integration components can be
    plugged together as services in a vendor-neutral and portable fashion. 

  • JBI will do for integration and the ESB what EJB did for
    application logic and the app server.

  • JBI provides a standard way for integration components to
    plug together as services in a loosely-coupled manner using standard
    interfaces and protocol independence.  JBI uses WSDL to describe its
    integration components as services, and the XML data model to describe normalized
    messages that get passed between services.

  • The adoption of JBI will help to foster and accelerate an
    ecosystem around pluggable, interoperable integration components. This
    will allow further industry momentum to build around a model of
    third-party services that can easily plug into an ESB environment.


JBI Sessions at JavaOne 2004

There are 4 sessions at this year's JavaOne that are JBI related –

JBI Sessions:

- Gordon Van Huizen (Sonic CTO):  JBI
Vendor panel: JavaTM Business Integration: JSR 208 (Session ID: TS-1056)  -
2:15 PM   North Meeting Room 121/122/124/125

-  Nick Kassem (Sun Spec lead): JavaTM Business Integration
(JSR 208) (Session ID: TS-2725) Tuesday 2:45 PM   Hall E #134

- Dave Chappell (Sonic CTE): Distributed
Integration in the Real World: JavaTM Business Integration and the
Service Bus (ESB) (Session ID: TS-2664)  Wednesday
2:45 PM   Hall E #134

- Sun presenters from marketing and engineering: JSR 208:JavaTM
Business Integration, The Enterprise View (Session ID: TS-2455)  Thursday 3:45 PM   Hall E #134

NOTE: Attendees who attend my Wed afternoon session, stay
till the end, and fill out a form will receive a complementary copy of my new ESB
book on-site.

of the JSR-208 Expert Group

Members of the JBI Expert Group include BEA, Borland, CGE&Y, Collaxa, IBM,
IOPSIS, Intalio, Nokia, Novell, Oak Grove Systems, Oracle, RIM, SAP, SeeBeyond,
Sonic Software, Sun Microsystems,  Sybase,  TIBCO, Tmax,  Vignette,  and

Hope to see you at the show!