Java on Vista: Yes, it works

by Steve Anglin Chet Haase blogs on Java on Vista: Yes, it Works.


M. David Peterson
2006-10-10 00:43:04
Thanks for the link, Steve! I love reading things like,

"In fact, we have been tuned into this release and making Java work on it since it was named after a breed of cattle. Between regular calls with Microsoft, interaction with their engineers when problems or questions arose, and regular testing and engineering during Vista's development, we have been building a rock-solid release of Java for Vista."

To then get an extended explanation as to why the rumors started in the first place.

Tim O'Brien
2006-10-10 09:19:16
Interesting, I got a Press Relesae from "bite PR" yesterday afternoon pointing me at this blog post (on behalf of Sun). I thought about it, wondered what the big fuss was. From what I hear, Vista doesn't really work yet, so the idea that Java does or doesn't run on an OS that has yet to be released, didn't seem like that most important thing in the world to trumpet.

Then, there's the question of whether or not it even matters. Do we think that the world is going to run frenzied for the next windows upgrade?

David Levy
2006-10-10 21:01:46
There's also the question of the actual amount of Java being used on the average desktop nowadays. Based on absolutely nothing but a gut feeling (stats to prove or disprove anyone?), I'd bet most Java is written for a server environment - so even if Vista broke Java, most developers wouldn't mind (yet another reason to use an Apple for a development environment).
2006-10-11 09:42:51
Java is mostly a Web-based language hosted on the server and the client is the brower more often than not, whether on Vista, other Win, Linux, etc.

But this is still of interest to some.