Java Posse Roundup Episode II: Attack of the Jackalope

by Robert Cooper

I'm back in the Dirty South from my trip to Crested Butte for the second annual Java Posse Roundup. As you can see in the photo above, there was 6 to 10 feet of snow over the whole area. Far and away the most snow I have ever seen in my life.

Once again, JPR was a great experience. Unfortunately, it seemed harder this year to make it to all the sessions I really wanted to attend, because I wanted to attend most of them. While the theme of "Don't Repeat Yourself" was honor to some extent, the session topics ran the gamut from examining the Java EE roadmap to Networking for Geeks, and from Agile development to "Why open source people are weirdos."

Interestingly, a good bit of the discussion this year was not directly about Java-the-language. Jim and Tobias from the Jython project were there and providing a lot of perspective on JVM language implementations. There were hack sessions with Scala, organized by Joel Neely and Dianne Marsh. Chet Haase flew his new Adobe flag and gave a "Filthy Rich Flex" boot camp. On the "off-Java the platform" tip, the week opened early Monday afternoon with Dick Wall holding court at Bruce's house with a great Q and A on the Android platform and philosophy.

The evening lightening talk this year, once again, stand out as a highlight of the week. 5 minute blitzes on topics like Django on Jython, the history of the lowercase "a", Yahoo! Pipes 2.0, Marketing for Javapolis, and the operation of the four-stroke internal combustion engine. Video of these session was taken this year using Joe's camera, so expect some (perhaps not so professional) video of this to wind up on a *Tube near you soon.


Dianne Marsh
2008-03-11 18:35:16
What?! Are you saying that my holding of the camera for each and every lightning talk wasn't done professionally? LOL!

Next year, we'll have a REAL video camera. AND a tripod.

2008-03-11 19:27:53
Well, I keep thinking I should have brought my video camera. I actually have some interesting presentation logging software I put together for the J.n podcasts that I should have brought too.