Java SE 6 is now officially final!

by Steve Anglin

The following is a press release from Sun on the final official release of Java SE 6:


2006-12-11 14:17:32
What is the deal with Java version numbers? Java 6 is actually 1.6, but why?
2006-12-11 20:45:04
As I understand it this started as a marketing simplification with Java 5 (1.5). Anyone from Sun care to clarify?
2006-12-11 22:03:08

I think it will 6.0 not 1.6.
2006-12-12 05:15:53
AFAIK, Java2 was Java 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. It was time for Sun to get a grip of the Java naming so 1.5 became Java5 which is the name standard from now on.
2006-12-12 21:43:03
The major feature of Java SE 6 is improvement in performance and support for Web 2.0, PHP, Python, Ruby. Also its targettted to be best suitable with Windows Vista. It seemed to me that Sun could
have announed it as a Java SE 5.1 instead of Java SE 6 considering the major feature additions in JDK 1.4 and Java SE 5.

-- Ashik