Java Year in Review

by Steve Anglin

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According to SD Times, "A major revision to the J2EE platform that included the much-anticipated EJB 2.0 specification dominated the news in Java development this past year. But disappointment over a lack of standards for Web services, an apparent decline in participation in the Java Community Process, and a continued consolidation of the application server market are issues that continue to plague Sun Microsystems Inc."

While there's disappointment over lack of Web services standards, Sun has indicated that this may be addressed as part of a focus for the upcoming J2EE 1.4 release, scheduled for late this year.

JCP is a concern, but my main concern is the continued consolidation of the application server market. This will continue to promote proprietary or vendor specific API and implementations. To help combat this, open source Java Web application servers and containers such as JBoss and other projects will be key to providing competitive influence as the year 2002 unfolds.

What do you think?