JavaOne 2006: The Executive Summary

by Jim Farley

A short(ish) summary of the hot and cold, cool and lame, good and bad at JavaOne this year.


2006-05-21 10:47:28
They had us swipe our cards to get in sessions last year as well, though the purpose was to keep track of who and how many were attending each session as preregistation was not necessary
Jim Farley
2006-05-21 16:04:29
Really? I don't recall that from last year. So the combination of swiping in and the registration caused the long lines this year, I suppose.
2006-05-22 09:59:46
They needed more beanbag chairs or at least more places to sit down in the common areas.

The long lines for some of the sessions were really annoying. The majority of the sessions always had seats left over anyway so if you didn't register for a session and showed up 1 or 2 minutes before it started you were almost always guaranteed a seat and no waiting in line.

Also they need to get their presentors to test out equipment far prior to their session start. I sat in one room for 15 minutes waiting for some idiot to fix the problems with their screen resolution.

Other than that the conference was great. The after dark bash with the MythBusters was really cool and one of the best events at any JavaOne ever.

2006-05-25 20:03:03
Jim Farley, I wasn't even at JavaOne 2006 but you I think you summed up my remote sentiments exactly. I've downloaded a bunch of the slides and presentations and I'd have to agree that Sun used a fair amoutn of the keynote to just wax poetic about NetBeans. On and on and on, netbeans this, netbeans that. It really discredits almost everything else they have to say when they are constantly trying to move Sun One an Java Studio Creator and NetBeans. Icky.

Hope it was fun.