JavaOne Day -1

by Robert Cooper

CommunityOne was huge. Having been to various what-use-to-be NetBeans Day at what-used-to-be the Argent, seeing the Moscone filled with people for C1 was actually quite strange. In real terms, the experience didn't seem that different, however.

CommunityOne works the big room

Again this year, another "panel" discussion about things that I really found mostly uninteresting. The chat centered around community and businesses relationships with the open source world. Given the people on the stage, I would have expected a much more interesting discussion. At least Tim wasn't there being marginally on topic this year. (Sorry Tim :P)

Charlie preaches to the converted

The list of sessions for C1 was really overwhelming. It was impossible to get to everything you would have wanted to see. I opted to open the day with Charlie Nutter's presentation on JVM languages. While obviously discussing JRuby, the presentation was a much more general discussion of how the non-Java Java languages can coordinate efforts: MOPs and invoker infrastructure, code generation, etc. I found it interesting, but the room was filled with serious language geeks (I was sitting with Jim and Tobias from the Jython team) and I suspect there wasn't a whole lot there that these guys needed to be in a room to hear.

Big hats are in this year.

The Java Posse were the lunch entertainment again this year. They were, again, great. It is really a tough balance doing a gig like that. Last year they had prepared slides and a pretty firm script, but it felt a little artificial, where the best stuff from the Posse is usually relaxed. This year they were less formal and it was much more like a regular episode of the podcast, but it seemed they were having a discussion with each other and not engaging the audience fully. Like I said, that's a tough problem.

The Atlassian guys ran a session of lightening talks, in which I represented my GWT spew. It felt very much like a re-run of the JPR evening session, given that all but one or two of the talks were given at the Roundup this year.

In the afternoon I went to the Redmonk Unconf in the hall. Wow, that was a spectacularly bad place to have the side events. It was incredibly noisy and traffic heavy -- people basically had to walk through the Redmonk stuff and the Startup Camp peeps to get their free turkey sandwich. Even worse at the end of the day the crew started tearing up the whole facility to prep for the evening party. The content seems OK, but it isn't on the list of great unconfs I have participated in.

At dinner a number of Java bloggers had a passing discussion of what we expected from the keynote. Mostly, nobody had any ideas aside from "Get Sun's business house in order." Well, let's just say the actual discussion was much more colorful, but that was the gist.

At any rate, to summarize: C1 huge. So big I feel like I barely got to see any of it