JavaOne Frenzy Kicks Into High Gear

by Sue Spielman

As we get closer and closer to the kickoff of JavaOne, itís hard to express the volume of promotional mail Iím receiving from vendors whoíll be at the show. ďBetter you than me,Ē Iím sure youíre saying, and youíd be right about that. But the good news is thereís going to be a lot (emphasis on ďa lotĒ) to see and explore at this Show.

Iím looking forward to bringing you the meat and potatoes, to cutting through the hype, and to bringing you daily technology coverage of the conference. Thatís why Iím wading through all of the product announcements that Iím getting so you donít have to. Most of my coverage will be focused on all aspects in the J2EE arena, but donít be surprised if there are some interesting additions beyond that scope.

Iím actually playing three roles when I walk through the Moscone Center doors. As a developer, Iím interested in the technology: whatís new, whatís improved, whatís coming down the pike. As a company president, Iím interested in what products are coming through the door that make my life, the products we build, and the life of my customers easier and more productive. As a reporter, Iíll be bringing you the nuts and bolts coverage of sessions of interest, some interviews with the technology leads in various happening areas, BOF community interest and feedback, and my commentary about whatís hot and whatís not. Guess I chose the wrong year to give up coffee! Iíll be on double espressos for the duration of the conference.

If you canít make the conference, no worries, you can live vicariously through me. If thereís specific coverage youíd like to see, shoot me an email and speak your mind. I canít make any guarantees, but I certainly will try to accommodate you. If you are going to be at JavaOne, feel free to stop and say hello.

Finally, if your company wasnít up for footing the $2K per person pop for the JavaOne conference fee, there are some attractive alternatives. Check out the Java specific software symposiums happening around the country. You can find them at and they are much easier on your wallet.

See you starting March 25th for the daily coverage of JavaOne.