JavaOne: Twittering, FX initial impressions

by Tim O'Brien

I'm twittering the conference (that's ridiculous!): - but, be warned, I still think twitter is a little silly.

Just got out of the press briefing, sat next to two other contributors to O'Reilly Network. David Bock of O'Reilly and Steve Anglin of APress. Fun stuff, you know, sitting there watching two executives and the guest from the UN discuss Java it was interesting, but the questions were pointed. Two key facts about FX that I picked up on:

  • FX Script is a rebranding of Chris Oliver's F3

  • Sun is trying to target graphic designers

  • As for the mobile product, they have no OEMs or Carriers

  • They are going to license a binary to carriers to avoid compatibility issues

My initial impression: this seems a little rushed. Oliver's stuff looks very interesting, but to say this competes with Flex, Apollo, and Silverlight is jumping the gun. What makes Adobe so successful here is the presence of great tools - both Flash for graphic designers and Flex for programmers. Advantage Adobe. I wanted to ask when they were going to start marketing to graphics designers, but I didn't get a chance.

It is about people

Several times Schwartz corrected himself - we are not developers and users we are PEOPLE.

Taking the temperature....Problems printing....

They have all of these kiosks set up for people to print out schedules, but people keep on having problems printing. And, laughably, there are Ricoh engineers manning each printer making sure that the printers print. I'm standing next to one know who appears to be helping someone remotely debug some servlet that is responsible for the same time, there is a huge queue and someone is yelling at people about perforated lunch tickets.