JavaOne Impressions

by Dion Almaer

So, JavaOne 2003 has started. What are most people talking about? How great the talks will be? no. How lame the bags are this year :) I haven't been impressed with the talks so far. It seems to be a lot of Sun employees, many of which obviously don't seem comfortable talking, and would much prefer to be in a dark room coding. As I talk to the crowd, noone seems excited about anything... and come on, the new Java logo? Give me a break :) The only reason they changed it was because it is an awful logo to shrink (*cough* devices *cough*).

As always, the best part of the conference is just getting to see old friends and colleagues. Hopefully I will see you all around!

TheServerSide will have in depth coverage of JavaOne the morning after. We have a few reporters running around trying to get some real information. Check it out.