JavaOne Impressions from Tuesday: Busy

by Tim O'Brien

My entries are a day behind. I'm not a reporter, I'm a blogger, and I think it is more important to spend time talking to people than it is to work to some deadline in the press room. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on this year, a general sense that Java has it's mojo back. Here are some quick observations (a larger piece on Neil Young is in review at the moment):

  • Bob Lee has a lot of energy, you can just tell when you meet him. People are flocking to the Google booth to hear him speak of Guice. Go to his BoF tonight, whether you use Guice or not, he's an interesting dude.

  • The video codec is welcome to many. This neutralizes hundreds of negative blog posts from me about video on the Java platform.

  • Rod Johnson is impressed with Glassfish. He's as surprised that he said this as you are. Rod talked to me about the new application platform Springsource released, the Covalent acquisition, and business in general. In short, the app platform is all about OSGi, the acquisition with Covalent gives them really deep coverage of both Tomcat and HTTPd, and there's more to come.

  • Schwartz is definitely "on message" this year. He does seem a little weary, no? Maybe that's just me seeing the conference through the lens of the 4 cent per share loss. When asked in a press conference if he would comment on the upcoming layoffs he answered with, "I'm here to talk about JavaOne". Everybody seems to think he'll be gone in a year, I disagree. I think the MySQL acquisition and the down market provide a good cover for him to restructure without looking like a bad guy. I think he's a developer's CEO, and I shudder to think of a Sun run by some soulless suit. Keep the blogging long-hair, everybody likes him.

  • The Maven dudes wants to hear your feedback positive or negative. Seek them out - twitter BrianEFox. Seek out Jason van Zyl, he wants to talk to you about Maven, Nexus, all that stuff.

  • Met Raible for the first time in person, everyone was enjoying themselves at Zebulon last night. It is scary to be in the same room as all these open source people. From what I see, everybody gets along well. Everyone was making fun of my Mr. Maven sweatshirt (I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up on someone's blog.)

  • Bruce Snyder and I talked about writing, he's writing his current book (Manning) in DocBook, says I helped him make the decision. I'll have to pre-emptively apologize, DocBook is a PITA, but, at the same time, I love it. Bruce is really committed to writing, we need more people like Bruce. We need more people to write.

  • I found myself in a small group briefing with Neil Young yesterday, he's an impressive (legendary) dude. A real geek, I kid you not. And, he's focused on stuff like the environment and peace. Good choice for the keynote. I spoke to him and he spoke back to me, that's when I realize I was speaking directly to Neil Young in a small group. Crazy, that dude's famous.

  • Geertjan is everywhere. Turn a corner, Geertjan! Open up a door, Geertjan! Netbeans is impressing some skeptics. Schwartz singled out Tor and Geertjan as great bloggers in response to a question (from me).

  • Sun employees, business is pretty good out there. Every business owner I talk to at JavaOne thinks they'll have a job for you. That's the sense I get.

  • I skipped the scripting stuff, not because I didn't want to go, but because I have to go talk to some OpenLazslo dude. Ooops, I'm late. I'm always late, I'm a jerk.


2008-05-08 11:16:36
"The video codec is welcome to many." but the one they chose is crappy. Unless they also include H.264/AVC like Flash does. The On2 codec is worth the bytes it takes up only to gain access to existing material intended for Flash. But Flash supports the On2 codec as well as H.264 - the primary standard for "real" video, like what is actually on your BluRay discs (if they didn't make the mistake of choosing one of the inferior codec alternatives that BluRay also supports).