JavaOne: JUG Summit, TastePhone, Schwartz Quotes - Harmony and Free vs. Paid

by Tim O'Brien

JUG Summit

I'm sitting in the booth just trying to assemble some quotes from yesterday's events. As I'm writing this, there is a summit of JUG leaders:Kevin Nilson, Michael Van Riper with the Silicon Valley JUG, Thibaut Regnier Club-Java (French JUG), Roman Strobl leader of the Czech JUG. Manfred Riem and Chris Maki from the Utah JUG. These people all seem really passionate and focused on cultivating user communities. I'm also struck by how global the JUG community is.

Michael wanted me to let Bay Area Java programmers know of the "JavaOne Retrospective by the Java Posse" on Tuesday, May 15th in Mountain View. Java Posse is going to record their weekly podcast before a live audience, primary topic will be JavaOne. Find out more @ Bay Area JUG

J2ME Cell Phone Benchmarks

Thibaut Regnier took some time to show me TastePhone - a midlet which acts as a benchmark for different mobile platforms. If you are interested in comparing the speeds of various handsets, this is the place to look. Currently the reigning champion is the Orange SPV2000, if you are interested in the full list, take a look at the leaderboard. The leaderboard was implemented in JSF version 1.0.

Interesting Quotes from Yesterday's Press Briefing: Schwartz

In response to a question about Apache Harmony:

Schwartz: "There is nothing at all right now stopping Apache from shipping Harmony. Nothing, they are free to do so, the code is available they can distribute it wherever and whenever they want...We're very, very, very focused right now on the GPL community. And, for a very good reason, across the world we've seen an overwhelming endorsement and an embrace from the governments, academic institutions, the developer community, the Linux community. And, we're, in time, going to do whatever we can to embrace the broadest community possible. But, frankly, you know our objectives right now are to make sure that the code is available everyone can do with it what they see fit. We can get back to pursuing the objectives we defined which to make it the broadest and more affordable and accessible platform out there. And frankly with what we announced today I feel pretty good that we're making a lot of progress."

In response to a question about JavaFX and JavaFX Tools. Whether Sun was planning on charging for FX tools.

Schwartz: "The world is divided into two camps, those who can and will pay for technology because its expense is less than the inconvenience of not having a support contract and those who cannot and will not pay for software for whatever reason, economically, culturally or the business just doesn't need it. Our economic motives are to go after the former camp, our technology objectives are to go after the latter camp. Because almost by definition given what Dr. Diallo(sp?) just said, they out number the former camp 50,000 to 1. So volume defines market opportunities for everybody, you need only look at the internet to have that proven to you. It's up to us to figure out how to monetize those volume opportunities in and among the communities that are capable and interested in doing so."