JavaOne: More FX talk, Strolling the Pavillion, Secret Maven Hatred

by Tim O'Brien - twittering the conference

Everyone I speak to describes the same love/hate relationship with Maven. They use Maven for builds, it tends to work well when it works, but then *crashbang* when it sucks it sucks. I'm not making this up, everyone I speak to professes some frustration with Maven.

FX impressive, but I'm still on the fence

Disclaimer: I like and use Flex. Been using it with Rails applications, it has some limitations. Adobe
(Macromedia) never really got the programming side of Flash right (see Flash 8 IDE) and try writing anything of sufficient complexity to require more than 100 lines of Actionscript. It gets difficult fast.

I'm not ruling out a victory for Sun in the rich client space, and I'm sure Chris Adamson is happy that Sun is refreshing Java on the client-side. But, it is a busy space. I just sat through another FX presentation and, I'll have to say it's impressive the stuff that Sun (Chris Oliver) has implemented. Some of the applications are very interactive. Evidently you can download JavaFX now and start using an IDE called FX Pad, check it out.

Me == Hoping that Sun succeeds in this space.

I'm off to a session on Open Sourcing Sun.

No Harmony for Harmony

Quote from Schwartz this morning: "Right now there is nothing preventing Apache from shipping Harmony." (from the press briefing) And in other news, Geir M. is handing out CDs with Eclipse and Harmony in the pavillion and is draped in the Brazillian flag.


Fabrizio Giudici
2007-05-08 15:18:52
"... an IDE called FX Pad, check it out".

There are also plugins for NetBeans and Eclipse, see

2007-05-08 17:37:24
I agree - I completely HATE HATE HATE maven. It's one of the worst examples of taking something open source and remaking it just to have a feature you could have implemented using the original ANYWAY.
2007-05-09 07:05:59
Calling JavaFX Pad an IDE is a little bit of a stretch, although I can see how the mistake might occur. During the conference demos, the presenters used JavaFX Pad, a JavaFX demo itself, to show how easy it is to write JavaFX Script. The demo has nothing more than a view canvas and a text area. The canvas displays the results of parsing the text area. It's a nice tool for quickly looking at how a change might affect your JavaFX component, but it's nothing like any IDE any user would use regularly.
James Ward
2007-05-09 10:16:06
try writing anything of sufficient complexity to require more than 100 lines of Actionscript. It gets difficult fast.

Hi Timothy. I'm curious if this statement was in reference to Flex or to Flash 8 Pro. I have heard this kind of statement related to using the Flash Pro tools to create applications, but not related to Flex.

What do you think will determine Sun's success with Java FX?

-James (Adobe)