JavaOne: Simon Phipps on Open Source, the Crowds

by Tim O'Brien

Sat through Simon Phipp's presentation on "Liberating Java", it is very interesting to see Sun trying to market Open Source to conference attendees. Some observations, while the world has started to embrace open source, they might not really understand the motivations and benefits of Open Source. Phipps makes a very good case for open source in general and makes sure to emphasize that the key aspect of open source isn't "free software" it is participation - the "virtuous cycle". I'll try to transcribe some of that recording later on...

He also makes the point that the embrace of open source is essential if Sun is going to compete in the Asian markets. I forget the exact statistic he referenced, but China in particular has embraced open source. Other interesting quotes, in Brazil using open source software is a matter of sovereignty.

Ray (?) stood up at the end of the session to answer a question about getting rid of the encumbered code in JSE. HIs answer was, essentially, well why don't you help us?

The Crowds

Listen, the lines, the crowds. They are ridiculous. when I'm standing in some of these crowds, I'm half expecting a riot. After the Phipps presentation the waiting area for the Esplanade was a claustrophic nightmare. I guess this is a good sign - listen, despite the protest of sheik 26 yr old danes who've created ruby scripting frameworks....

Java is huge and here to stay.

Where's JRuby? Where's lunch? Ooops. I missed it.