JavaOne: What are your Questions?

by Tim O'Brien

JavaOne is likely the single largest developer-focused conference that exists, and it is conference week once again. I'll be in San Francisco for three days this week tracking people down and asking your questions. Here are some of my own:

  • How is Sun doing under the leadership of Schwartz? Are the economics of Sun improving?

  • Last year, Sun tried to emphasize participation in the JCP? Did that emphasis pay off?

  • What does the GPL really mean for Java?

  • Obligatory questions about Apache Harmony and the TCK license.

  • What is this "Project Flair"? Supposedly it is Sun's answer to Silverlight and Apollo? Is it hype or substance? Is there anything interesting behind F3?

  • Lastly, this is the first year I'm actually going to give NetBeans and Glassfish a chance.

Please take some time to list your questions for this years JavaOne, and I'll do my best to track down some answers. Stay tuned to the O'Reilly Network and to for ongoing coverage.

Disclaimer: I'm going to delete long comments (more than a paragraph or two). Not looking for essays in the comment threads.


2007-05-07 14:22:31
What about the MVM (Multitasking Virtual Machine), previously referred to as (part of) the Barcelona Project?
2007-05-07 22:10:50
- What is the market share of Java compared to other languages/platforms like for instance .Net?
- How is Java doing on the desktop?

2007-05-08 00:12:25
Javaland is bizarre. JavaOne is more like SunOne. Why is the most important Java-event organized by a company? Why is JavaOne essentially a Sun-marketing-event? That's completely impossible in Linuxland because Linux is really democratic. Javaland is not democratic. It is basically a Sun-owned and -controlled dictature.
Tim O'Brien
2007-05-08 04:10:01
@David, good questions, I'm giong tohave a chance to sit down with the people who market Sun later on this week (Thursday), I'll ask them, and I'll alsotry to get a sense of the true market penetration.
Christopher Miles
2007-05-08 07:09:03
Where are the exciting JavaFX demos? It's a huge announcement and I can't find much of anything about it.

This is not the way to introduce something like this. They should have a bunch of impressive demos to get developers and designers excited about it.

2007-05-08 16:20:20
Anonymous... you are wrong. If all you go to is the "General Conference" in the morning, yes that sounds like a Sun sales pitch. Do you know how many people sit there and love it?

All the Sessions and all the BOF are from people all over. Many from geeks that don't have a corporate sponsor at all. Write up a paper and submit it for next year.

2007-05-08 21:10:45
Do My Best To Learn

2007-05-09 03:13:12
Hmm ... okay, here's a question.

What is the relationship between the people advocating the JavaFX technologies, and the people working on the various Smalltalk-flavoured projects (Flair, Jedi, Maxwell, Squawk) described in this Infoworld article? At the moment it's easy to suspect that a Javascript/Smalltalkish camp around Dan Ingalls is in confrontation with the JavaLand faction including Gosling and Greene, which is pushing everything JavaFX.