[Jb Evain:Mono-Project] Appreciation For The Little Things

by M. David Peterson

System.Object::ToString ()

Today, I had an amazing experience.

Today, I’ve patched our implementation of System.Object::ToString (). Do you realize that every time you’ll use ToString in Mono you’ll be executing a line I actually wrote? That’s simply amazing. I felt like I was literally modifying the blueprints of the known universe.

Sadly, you’ll most probably never notice it.

That’s life for ya`.

I don't think enough appreciation and thanks for the amount of time and effort that goes into OSS projects such as Mono, Classpath, IKVM.NET, Saxon, lighttpd, Apache, IronPython, Ruby.NET, IronRuby, (to name a tiny handful of the projects I benefit from directly on a daily basis), etc. can be given. Maybe trying to take better notice of these things wouldn't be such a bad thing?

Well, either way: While I can't say that each and every time I use System.Object::ToString() in Mono I will think of Jb Evain (and to be honest, if I did, I think extensive counseling would soon be in due order ;-)), I think I can speak for *MANY* folks in saying thanks! Your efforts are both noticed and appreciated on a daily basis.