JBoss Seam - application framework

by Krishna Srinivasan

JBoss Seam is a powerful new application framework for building next generation Web 2.0 applications by unifying and integrating technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Java Server Faces (JSF), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB3), Java Portlets and Business Process Management (BPM).

JBoss Seam

Krishna Srinivasan
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2006-12-27 18:00:20
I want to know how easy it is to start developing and deploy internet applications using Seam. Have you used it? I would also appreciate if you can suggest the better or best framework to develop internet applications (can be Java, .NET or PHP based). My requirements are speed of development with minimum learning curve involved, ease of maintenance, scalability and performance. I am really confused to see even the java sites being developed using php!!


2006-12-28 08:25:04
The best framework for your requirements is either struts or just MVC.


Luis Ramirez
2006-12-29 14:45:27
Jag, you are just asking for the panecea wich there is no such thing.

Anyhow, i think for you .NET might be the best approach, easy to learn and scales as expected, for web development use ASP.NET.

Java frameworks are sort of difficult to learn because it is needed good bases in object oriented programming and a willing to learn from the community.

Personally I like Tapestry but it takes a lot of effort and knowledge about OOP, regardless, Tapestry is only for the web client, and I think that what you are looking for is a framework that integrates everything, in that case is JBoss Seam the best choice, with a Tapestry aproach you need to integrate it with at least Hibernate, wich is for the persistance (Data base conversations) and Springframework to wire them together (the easiest, fancy and elegant way) as you might noticed I have mentioned three different frameworks, wich is silly to believe that you would learn them in 1 night and be productive from the start.

JBoss Seam also needs Hibernate and JSF, so there are three frameworks alone, but is standard.

But it is free and you do not have to publish your applications in a Windows Server, which for me is not an option.

Tim O'Brien
2006-12-30 16:40:20
Dude, how much did you get paid to post this?
2007-01-04 23:07:11
sorry, to make thing slightly more complicated for ASP.NET,
there are also ADO.NET and WebControl.
Ben Teese
2007-01-07 23:18:49
I agree with Tim O'Brien.