JDeveloper and CVS

by William Crawford

A week or two ago I wrote about Oracle's new JDeveloper 9i Java IDE. In the midst of a generally positive minature review, I did mention that I hadn't been able to get integration with CVS working properly.

A few days after the weblog entry went up I heard from a helpful Oracle employee who offered to help out, and after a few rounds of email I had the CVS integration working properly. I've never been entirely convinced of the benefits of integrating version control with the IDE (I sort of like the extra step of going out to another program, as it encourages good code hygiene by discouraging random commits), but it works as well as anything I've seen. For those interested, the trick was to set HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH environment variables to d: and /home/user, respectively. CVS under Windows doesn't tolerate mixed path separators all that well.

Apparently integration with Oracle's own Source Control Management system is even tighter, but I haven't used this. I suspect that I'll still end up using a stand-alone CVS client for some things (like cleaning up files after refactoring), but for most of the day-to-day will probably stick to the

Now that everything is working together, I've managed to condense four applications (IDW, SQL*PLUS, Oracle DBA Studio and CVS) down to one, and am therefore getting more work done. I suppose that's a good thing.