Jeff Barr Has A Plan...

by M. David Peterson

Jeff Barr’s Blog � Save the Rovers!

Apparently NASA plans to cut one of the two Mars Rovers from it's budget. But Jeff Barr has a plan to help save it...

The second plan is a bit different. What if we just raise the freaking 4 million bucks ourselves and simply give it to the team? What would happen if we showed up at NASA HQ with a big plywood check (backed up by real money of course)? Could they take it, and would this make a difference? Does anyone know?

I just registered and would be happy to use it as part of an organized effort to do something remarkable. I would also be willing to pitch in $100 as my part of the $4 million. That means we need just $3,999,900 more.

I'm in Jeff! Anyone else care to join the effort? I'll contact Jeff and see how he plans to facilitate the volunteer/donation effort and report back the result...

Stay tuned!


Erik Josowitz
2008-03-25 10:46:10
Count me in, though let me also pose the question of what the $4M is for.

Presumably most of the costs of getting the little guy up there are already sunk and the "operating" costs are really costs of paying attention to it and telling it what to do. I imagine there are also costs associated with sending it commands (communications costs) but presumably it communicates over the same network as the other one.

My proposal is lets raise the $4M, but come up with a community project for monitoring and directing the little guy. So one of the rovers does science work for NASA and one does work for the community.

Seems fair if we're going to pay for it (and "we" also paid all the upfront costs as taxpayers...)