[JeroenFrijters:IKVM] 0.30 RC1 Now Available For Testing

by M. David Peterson

IKVM.NET Weblog - Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here's the release candidate. Updated japi results are available here.

Changes since previous snapshot:

* Integrated GNU Classpath 0.92.
* Fixed ikvmc to handle constructorless classes correctly.
* Fixed a couple of FileChannelImpl bugs.

Files are available here: ikvm- (sources binaries), ikvmbin- (binaries), ikvmbin-generics- (binaries built from generics branch)

Please access the above linked post for links to each of the mentioned items.

As per Jeroen's recent comments to the IKVM.NET list,

I've created 0.30 rc1, please test it and let me know if it works or

Please use the form on the above linked list to join the conversation.

As always, Thanks Jeroen!

NOTE: From what I understand Mark Wielaard and the Classpath hackers are moving forward fairly aggressively with pulling together the remaining differences between Classpath and JDK 1.5. I think the following collage of screen shots of IKVM 0.30 vs. JDK 1.5 should help provide a quick understanding of the progress they have made.)