Jobs-Gates marriage shocker

by Giles Turnbull

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were so friendly to one another on stage at the D5 event.

These two men have been working together for decades. In the early days, as both of them acknowledged during their joint interview, they were dependent on one another for their continued growth. Where some Mac and Windows users have divided themselves into warring camps, Jobs and Gates actually have quite a lot in common, and a long history in the business together.

And the best thing to see is that both of them have retained a sense of humor, despite their years as business rivals.

Gates: “First, I'd like to clarify, I am not Fake Steve Jobs.”

Jobs: “We've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now.”

And they can still appreciate each other’s strengths:

Gates: “I admire Steve's taste. And that's not a joke.”

Jobs: “If Apple could have had a bit of Microsoft's knack for partnerships early on, we would have been better for it.”

Humor, and with it some humility.