[John Lam:IronRuby] First Look: Microsoft's Open Source Software Contributors Agreement

by M. David Peterson

[Ironruby-core] Contributor's agreement

Hi Everyone,

I have a copy of the IronRuby contributor's agreement ready for folks to look at: http://www.ironruby.net/contributor.pdf

We're in the process of getting turning the crank on getting the electronic signature tool spun up for collecting signed agreements.

So don't bother signing / FAX / mailing this document in. I hope that by the end of today or early next week that you should just be able to electronically sign the doc.

Comments / questions?

Thanks, -John

NOTE: The above document is specific to IronRuby, but I can only assume that this same document represents what we can expect to see for any other projects Microsoft opens up for external contribution. If anyone who knows better happens to read this, please let me know if this assumption is incorrect so I can update this post with the proper information.



Mark Murphy
2007-09-07 11:38:20
Sun had a copyright assignment form akin to this one early in its stewardship of OpenOffice.org. After a fair amount of discussion, they switched it to a joint copyright assignment (http://www.openoffice.org/licenses/jca.pdf). My review of the purpored MS IronRuby assignment form is that it's a full copyright assignment -- not joint -- but Microsoft then relicenses it to you to "use, reproduce, modify, license or otherwise distribute, and exploit the Contribution as You see fit". Off the cuff, I prefer the joint copyright assignment model, but this one may work too -- it'll be interesting to hear comments from more legally-inclined folk than I.
M. David Peterson
2007-09-07 12:05:36
Hi Mark,

Thanks for this info! Much appreciated :D

> it'll be interesting to hear comments from more legally-inclined folk than I.

Absolutely agree! Any lawyers trained in copyright assignment care to take it for a spin?