[John Lam:IronRuby] And So a New Era at Microsoft Begins: class CommunityContribution < IronRuby::RubyForge

by M. David Peterson

John Lam on Software: IronRuby on Rubyforge!

I'm happy to announce that we're live on Rubyforge today!

It's been nearly 6 weeks since our initial source code release at OSCON. So what's changed?

* Exception handling
* Parallel assignment
* Instance variables

Added some more library support:

* Comparable
* Enumerable
* Array
* Hash
* String (not quite complete yet)
* Dir

Go get the sources and have a happy hacking weekend!

Congratulations, John and Company!

So for those of you unaware, the release of IronRuby on RubyForge marks that first time, that I'm aware of anyway, that Microsoft will begin to accept contributions from the community; first as they relate to the Ruby library support and eventually to the core platform which will include the actual Dynamic Language Runtime itself (after the 1.0 bits go golden.)

And if you think about how much progress has been made over the last few years to get to the point where significant projects/products are not only being released under a true FLOSS licensing scheme, but as of today are now following in the footsteps of how a true FLOSS project operates, accepting community contributions directly to the code base: Well my friends...

Today marks the beginning of a new era, and while undoubtedly there are those who hate the fact that Microsoft has taken this direction and/or distrust their intentions and/or will go to their grave demanding that none of what MSFT is doing can truly be considered FLOSS and/or haven't gotten any for so long that they pretty much hate anything and/or everything these days and/or want to make the world ever so painfully aware of the fact that they hate anything and/or everything and/or etc., if you were to ask my opinion (or even if you were not to ask my opinion), well I would most certainly give it to you, and it goes a little something like this,

To John Lam, Tomas Matousek, and Haibo Luo as well as each and every one of you at MSFT that are responsible for helping bring together the many, MANY details that have enabled you to pull off such an amazing feat: In my book, each and every one of you are *ROCKSTARS* and as such: *YOU ROCK*!

Thank you!

Of course what would a good open source community coming in party be without, you know, evidence to the fact that the community is both willing and anxious to -- you know -- come in and start doing what *TRUE* supporters of FLOSS do best: Finding bugs, filing bugs, and then finding ways to fix those bugs,