Join us for leading-kludge projects at Ignite Boston

by Andy Oram

People in Eastern Massachusetts who are curious about what academics, computer programmers, and hackers are doing in our area should attend Ignite Boston on Thursday, May 31. This is not a serious academic conference; it's a chance to meet interesting folks and be dazzled by the wide range of stuff your neighbors are inventing. It's in a drinking establishment, presentations will be five minutes long--and there's lots for the audience to do.

I'll be giving the first public presentation of a mock-up of a quiz program I'm working on to help determine the quality of online documentation. Scott Berkun (author of two O'Reilly books, The Art of Project Management and The Myths of Innovation) will keynote. Some of the other people I've talked to, and who I know are presenting, are doing some really fun things--and useful ones too.

There's still time to sign up if you're working on a project you'd like to show the community. Tell all your tech-loving friends to come.