Jon Arnold interviews Jim Van Meggelen

by Bruce Stewart

Jim Van Meggelen is featured on the latest entry in Jon Arnold's Canadian Thought Leaders podcast series, speaking about open source telecommunications. Jim is the coauthor of our excellent Asterisk book, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, one of the founders of the thriving Toronto Asterisk Users Group, and really an expert in this field.

Jim feels that it is time for the PBX to evolve into something more than it has been in the past, and that open source is going to help make that happen. Certainly the widespread success that Asterisk is seeing today and the innovative applications that people are beginning to build with it is one indication that Jim is right on the money.

One point that Jim makes in this podcast that I really agree with is that it's not necessarily the cost or licensing differences that open source systems offer that is driving this revolution, but more that fact that these new open platforms are much more conducive to supporting a healthy and innovative developer community than the proprietary walled-garden models we've traditionally seen in telecommunications. We're now beginning to see some of the fruits of a more "developer-driven" ecosystem.

Jim and Jon also discuss how telecom hardware is rapidly becoming commoditized and one of the shifts that is happening now is that it's really becoming "all about the software," and they also touch on some of the innovative new products and services that are emerging today, like ioutum.

Jon has been posting some very interesting podcasts over on PulverMedia, I recommend checking them out.


jon arnold
2006-09-02 14:40:40
Thanks so much for the good words, Bruce, and it's great that you're following my blog and pods. Yeah, Jim is a great resource, and I'm glad you're of the same mind. I'll blog about your posting to reciprocate next day or so.