Jon Stewart and Edward Murrow

by brian d foy

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In the January 5, 2004 edition of Time, Jon Stewart has a page-sized portrait of him adjusting his tie, thus showing a smiley face cuff-link.

The caption compares him to Edward Murrow, the radio newscaster from World War II, despite the fact that Jon Stewart is "desk-bound". He was one of the first ones to go back on the air after 9/11 for a very serious half hour that belied Comedy Central's usual, irreverent programming.

Curiously, none of the "embeds", the journalists travelling as part of the military units, seemed to Matter, no matter how fancy they got with video satellite phones. Indeed, The Daily Show is the only television news program I watch, and only because it seems to not owe anyone anything or need to make a story, since, in the absence of real news, they just make something up, although their creations are funny.

I think, however, that Ann Garrels of NPR, Mattered too, but then, who listens to NPR?

Who do you think Mattered?


2004-02-04 13:40:46
Yup Jon Stewart most Credible
Jon Stewart always gets to the heart of the real news even when he is simply contrasting how the 'real' news programs cover a story.
2004-02-05 14:16:44
The difference being...
Murrow was probably funnier (than Jon Stewart).