Jon Udell + Microsoft = Hello, World!

by M. David Peterson

Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon

Congrats to Jon Udell who is now working with Microsoft.
Jon lists a bunch of reasons for joining, one of which is:

"Jim Hugunin, who created both Jython and IronPython, is making my favorite open source scripting language, Python, a first-class citizen of the .NET platform."


So what will Jon's role w/MSFT be? As he explains,

Q: What will your role be?

A: The details aren't nailed down, but in broad terms I've proposed to Microsoft that I continue to function pretty much as I do now. That means blogging, podcasting, and screencasting on topics that I think are interesting and important; it means doing the kinds of lightweight and agile R&D that I've always done; and it means brokering connections among people, software, information, and ideas -- again, as I've always done.

NICE! I can't think of a better person on this planet to represent MSFT in this role; a Robert Scoble-like personality and capability, with the added bonus of actually being able to write code! (and write it well!!!)

So why commit such an evil and horrible sin by joining the "Eveel Empire"?

Jon continues,


2006-12-09 03:49:49
IOW: for the money.

People take jobs like this thinking they won't have to change what they do or how they do it. Jon may get a rude shock not because MS is 'evil'; they are just determined to get their money's worth.

M. David Peterson
2006-12-09 06:26:59
Hey len,

>> Jon may get a rude shock not because MS is 'evil'; they are just determined to get their money's worth. <<

It certainly wouldn't be the first time someone experienced an unexpected culture shock to the corporate world that is MSFT. Will definitely be interesting to see how it turns out, but it seems to me that if anybody on this planet will handle the transition well, it would be Jon. But, time will tell :)

Thanks for your comment, len!