JRuby maturing?

by Steve Anglin

InfoQ.com reports: JRuby 0.9 Released; Runs WEBrick, Rails, RubyGems, and Rake.


2006-07-06 07:56:10
I appreciate all of these projects that bring over functionality from other scripting languages. However, part of me wonders if there isn't a way to bring access to the scripting language in Java without having to implement the entire language spec in the virtual machine. I just think that it will be hard to keep up with development of the other scripting languages if the whole thing has to be implemented. Last time I looked at Jython, for instance, it was a couple of minor versions behind the main Python dev tree.
I don't know how feasible it is, but it might be nice to have just a standard interface to scripting languages for the virtual machine. That would at least save a lot of work and then there wouldn't be any worries about plugins working or the version of the port.
In any case, great job to the JRuby folks.
2006-07-06 11:02:32
Seems more like the outcome will be determined by what language the script enthusiasts prefer to use. I (a Java developer) thought Groovy's tight integration with Java would enable it to progress quickly. However, it still seems like it's in an early stage. There are few classes set up for tools we would expect in a scripting language (simple email, report generation, file parsing, etc.). Also, the debug messages that come from the stacktraces are pretty useless.
Maybe it's just a matter of waiting for typical Java developers to jump on the Groovy scripting bandwagon. Hopefully, we'll see more improvements and examples soon.
Charles Oliver Nutter
2006-07-06 17:26:14
Hello from the JRuby project! We are very excited by this release. It's the first time in history Rails has been able to run on the JVM. There's a lot of work left to fully support it, but we've made great progress.

We also believe that while Rails is perhaps the most compelling pure-Ruby application, Ruby the language will open up new worlds of possibility on the JVM. Think of the big bullets like Rails and RubyGems as selling points to the Ruby community at large; the selling point for you Java developers is a simple, elegant language that can easily access all your favorite libraries and legacy code. It's the best of both worlds!

2006-07-07 09:24:29
Personally, I see lots of choices in dynamic Java scripting. But the favorites seems to be forming:

1. Groovy/Grails
1. JRuby (with Rails)
3. BeanShell

And Rhino/JavaScript is also interesting to follow.