Judo Radio: P2P-Leveraged Webcasting

by Gordon Mohr

We need net "radio" that pulls its content, as-needed, from a P2P sharing space.

The "broadcaster" would really just provide an ever-refreshing playlist, a window on the last X minutes of contiguous content, with reliable (hash) identifiers naming each segment of media to play. "Tuners" would fetch the playlist, and scour any and all available sources for matching content fragments, grabbing them seconds to minutes before they are needed, playing them for the local listener in order and without gaps, resharing them for as long as possible, discarding them when necessary.

Some of the fragments might be content that is already widely available (popular tracks), perhaps listed as a series of acceptable alternates, while other fragments would be custom content, recorded and shared out over P2P networks nearly-live.

Call it "Judio", for "Judo-radio", because it emphasizes the use of a tiny, smart control channel to leverage a giant amount of content on outside networks. Generalization to video or other media content is an obvious extension.

Gnutella and other P2P networks could conceivably be (or grow into) the role of being the content-cloud. A single person on a dialup line could publish the control channel that many thousands of "listeners" follow.

Would a station publishing such a playlist require a broadcasting license for the copyrighted content to which they refer? It's debatable... the "station" is not making any copies. Finding, acquiring, and playing copies is completely up to the listeners.


2002-06-25 11:17:03
I'm waiting...
...and it *will* be done, by someone, somewhere.
2002-06-25 13:11:59
Existing Technologies

You may already be aware, but much work has already been done in areas of P2P-distributed streaming meadia. Check out Digital Fountain (http://www.digitalfountain.com) and Swarmcast (http://sourceforge.net/projects/swarmcast/). I've also published a free whitepaper on related topics available in PDF format at http://www.rds.com/books/.


2002-06-25 16:56:25
Existing Technologies
Yep -- also a bunch of startups offer tech for P2P streaming: ChainCast, AllCast, BlueFalcon, vTrails, and probably several others.

I'm looking forward to a free solution stitched together from HTTP feeds and existing file-based P2P networks. I'm sure it's on the way, from someone, somewhere...

2002-08-14 07:47:11
Its already here..

p2p broadcasting based on Gnutella