Just what I don't need - World of Warcraft on Linux

by Jeremy Jones

This article at DesktopLinux.com talks about running WoW on Linux. They mention that Linux users have been able to run WoW (and other "Windows only" games) on Linux by using Cedega. However, due to recent improvements in wine (a Windows emulator), Crossover Office may be able to run WoW as well. I guess the only reason this is news is that Cedega and Crossover provide a "just works" solution. Wine appears to be able to install and run WoW with some work. Has anyone actually tried this? Anyone actually have the time to play WoW?


2006-07-11 17:36:26
I played it on Linux a few years ago just fine, not as fast as on Windows but definetly playable, though I forget if that was Cedega (WineX at the time) or WINE. I even got it to run on FreeBSD using WINE last year, but I've since reinstalled and can't seem to get it to work again. :(
2006-07-11 22:58:42
Yep. I played WoW under FreeBSD for quite some time. It worked really nice and with good performance. Haven't had a chance to play a recent Version though.

2006-12-19 00:08:38
I have installed World of Warcraft on many different distro's of Linux using wine. Performance is quite good, although in my experience, about 4-7 fps slower than Windows. Granted, I am running on an older system (Athlon XP 2100+) and an older video card (GeForce FX5500). I have seen postings of people getting comparable/better than Windows performance. But, I have not seen posted hardware specs as to what those people are running.
2007-03-21 06:28:02
I play wow on linux with wine!
2007-06-29 00:14:11
I play WoW on Linux using Cedega, played EverQuest and Dark Age of Camelot using Cedega as well.
And as for your not needing it, I'm inclined to remark with "And?".
Theres lots of things I don't need or want, so, I just don't install or use them /shrug, no skin off my back, I don't start a thread acting all incredulous that someone else may need or want them.
Maybe I missed your point? If so I am willing to try to grasp it.
Jeremy M. Jones
2007-06-29 03:56:12

I posted it because it *is* news and it *is* interesting and (debatably, but in my opinion) it *is* important. (And it was news particularly because it allows a very easily working solution to WoW on Linux as opposed to "might work" under wine.) The part about "just what I don't need" was intended to show my interest in WoW, but at the same time my lack of time for it (not to mention my utter suckage at gaming in general). My point was not, "Why is anyone wasting their time with this?" I think it's awesome that folks can play WoW (and other games) using both free (wine) and non-free (Cedega) on Linux. I think it's even more awesome when commercial games run natively under Linux (like Unreal Tournament 2003). I think this is an important topic because this can help spread Linux desktop adoption. So, no, I'm not downing it at all, I don't think it's silly, and I'm definitely not critical of people who are using it. It has my heartfelt support. Thanks for the post!

2007-07-22 06:42:59
ok, I've always been a little skeptical of WINE's abilities in porting Microsoft games over to Linux, but in recent times I've see a lot of advances (in a two steps forwards one step back kinda way); so for me, (one who plays World of Warcraft from time to time); here goes!

I am currently attempting to get it working on a Pentium4 Duo, with an equally meaty Nvidia Video Card (PCIe) which I hope will be sufficient to get a playable environment.

Since I don't play a wide range of games and stick with one or two old favourites; should this work, I will consider permanently moving camp away from Microsoft in favour of Linux (in this case Feisty Ubuntu)

2007-07-26 00:36:54
Jeremy M. Jones
Sorry, that was my misunderstanding.
And I agree with your response to my post, particularly the part about its even more awesome when games are given native support.
We've been completely the other os free for 3 years, nothing against it, or those that prefer it. I just like choices, and once I got a handle on Linux it was the best choice for me. Anyway, thanks for taking time to remove my confusion, and great to meet you :)
~Rob Cannon