JXTA Community Development

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://java.sun.com/features/2001/11/jxtacomm.html

JXTA is a key P2P and Web services framework, covered at last week's O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference in Washington, D.C. Like other open source projects, the community is fostering its continued growth at this time.

"As with other open source projects, community members of Project JXTA drive key parts of the technology, continually enhancing it. Today more than 6,700 members contribute to the on-going enhancements of Project JXTA technology after Sun Microsystems originally initiated the project in April, 2001. Many of its members (mostly developers and academic researchers), work on their own time -- all with a common claim -- to collaboratively design and build distributed network computing and peer-to-peer applications... (source: java.sun.com)."