[Kamaelia:Development] Old School Collaboration Meets New School Communication; Decentralized Development Done Right

by M. David Peterson

Firstly, Sylvain Hellegouarch continues to astound me with his dedication to each of the projects we are working on together, as well as his ability to get stuff done. I'll avoid making a list of all that he does, as

a) it would take too long to research,
b) it would take too long to write,
c) it would take too long to read,

Of course, by too long I don't mean it wouldn't be worth the effort, and instead, I can more easily and simply summarize this list by describing the impression you would be left with after reading this list,

One word (and one punctuation mark),


Craig aka neuraxon77
2006-10-20 22:03:33
Since you posted about Kamaelia, I've been busily reading up and I have to say I'm impressed. Last night I was chatting away in the room before the meeting trying to compile the thing to play with, when the meeting started. I wondered what the heck was going on as all these project notes scrolled past. The guys are certainly organised - and from what I've read of the Axon code thus far - it's well documented that even a novice programmer (me) can understand it.
M. David Peterson
2006-11-01 07:54:23
Hey Craig,

Very cool! Yeah, this is an impressive effort to say the least!