[Kamaelia:Project Management] On Hackers, Painters, Sketches, Code, and Community : A Follow-Up How-To Guide By Michael Sparks

by M. David Peterson

Michael Sparks recently provided a follow-up to a post I made to the Kamaelia list regarding my most recent Kamaelia-related post here on this blog.

There is TONS and TONS of *EXTREMELY* valuable information contained in what amounts to about 2 printed pages of text. As such, and with his permission, I am re-publishing his entire post such that those who might read this can gain a full understanding of the methods Michael has chosen in regards to managing the Kamaelia project, the influences that helped form his chosen method, and an understanding of some of the benefits he has already started to notice because of this choice.

NOTE: Once I notice his original post archived on the SF.net list server, I will update accordingly with a link.

With that, via a post to the Kamaelia project list dated Oct 22, 2006 9:27 AM (MDT(-0600)), Michael Sparks, a scientist working for the Research & Development arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC R&D), provides the following information, re-published in its entirety, in regards to that in which is mentioned above.


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