Kannel 1.4.1 is out!

by Daniel Raffel

Those of us who run Kannel will be excited to learn that the stable branch has been updated for the first time in nearly two years! There are over "200 changesets." If Open Source SMS Gateways are your thing then head over to kannel.org and get your phreaky text messaging on.

One day I'll post a "how to" setup Kannel userguide. In the meantime, you can learn a lot from simply R'ingTFM.

Also, I do have some old posts that were really just notes to myself but still possibly useful: passing variables from Asterisk to Kannel. I wanted to simply send, receive, and respond to SMS messages using CallerID info I was getting from Asterisk, etc, etc. Unfortunately, the SMS app in Asterisk is confusing because it only supports landline SMS if I understood it right. Unlimited text messaging plans and cheap phones were never so useful. :)

Also, if Open Source MMS Gateways are what you're really after head over to Mbuni and get your data phreak on.